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What is the best way to layout my Avaire floor?

Typically, it is best to start in the center or at a perimeter of the room. It is also important to determine where your cuts will be in order to avoid using small pieces along the perimeter. Once your layout is determined, it may be helpful to snap a chalk line to ensure the pattern does not shift.

I want something different! What pattern options do I have?

Avaire can easily be installed using a straight, staggered, or diagonal pattern. Click here to see our installation patterns!

Does installing a diagonal pattern require more work than a straight pattern?

Installing a diagonal pattern does require a little extra work to plan the layout and make additional cuts. Also, due to the additional cuts, there will be a slightly higher amount of wasted tile.

Where is the best place to start installing my Avaire floor?

Avaire can be installed in the center of the room or at a wall. You may consider starting at the area with the most undercuts. Installing the last tiles at an undercut can be more difficult.

I would like to install Avaire in a large area flowing through my kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Can this be done?

Avaire works very well in large, high-traffic residential areas as long as the sub-floor is flat and stable.

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