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06-24-2009, 11:07 AM
Author: Leo
Date: 3/2/2009 8:44 pm EDT

The Avaire website's FAQ mentions that it should not be installed under a gas stove. What is the reasoning behind that limitation? If I have gas stove in my kitchen (or plan on switching from electric to gas later), are there steps I can take to allow me to install Avaire tile successfully?

Avaire Archive
06-24-2009, 11:08 AM
Author: Chris
Date: 3/3/2009 9:58 am EDT
Installing Avaire tile under your gas stove isn't a problem at all, the FAQ refering to "wood or gas burning stoves" really is talking about more of a fireplace type stove rather than the one in a typical kitchen.
I've installed Avaire tile in many kitchens with gas stoves without any problems at all.
Hope this helped.