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Date: 2/18/2008 11:44 am EDT
Have you seen the traffic (over the weekend) on one of the more popular Tile Forums on the web?

Seems your product has been getting a "bad rap" there and someone has come to your defense.

I'll bet this accounts for some of the spike on Saturday. Those type of websites can be a powerful thing and can also be very damaging when false statements are made and the conversations take on a life of their own.

Jonathan wrote:
We watch our website traffic regularly. Over the past week, we've seen 2 major spikes. The first, on Tuesday, Feb 12 is explained by the Today Show appearance. However, unexpectedly, we saw a spike on Saturday that was almost 3 times larger than Tuesday. Typically, large increases in traffic are driven by media exposure.

Is anyone out there aware of any other Avaire media exposure, either local to your market, or nationally, that ran on Saturday Feb 16?

No complaints from us, but we're curious....
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