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Author: Jonathan
Date: 2/22/2008 9:16 pm EDT
One more point about installing Avaire over laminate. Since laminate is a floating floor system itself, it is possible that the underlying subfloor could be out of tolerance but not appear that way. When you check for "flatness", you'll want to make sure there isn't a void under the laminate. There isn't a "pat" method for checking, but if there are portions of the floor where there appears to be significant deflection when you apply pressure/weight, you might have a section that isn't stable enough for Avaire.

Put another way, Avaire will be fine installed directly over laminate when the underlying subfloor is sufficiently flat, but that could be difficult to accurate detect.

If you have the option to remove the laminate first (which typically shouldn't be too difficult), that would be preferred. It would solve other potential issues like height problems, undercuts, etc.

I invite our other experts to weigh-in with their thoughts.
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