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Default idea--counter tops??

Author: Sylvia Hayes
Date: 2/23/2008 8:27 pm EDT
I think this is such a good idea using a laminate that is real ceramic, but I see where it is not recommended for wet areas. However maybe they could come out with another product that would work say for counter tops. I am thinking kitchen or bath where a sink would be installed over it? My husband and I did a home on the west side of Michigan where we used the same tile in the kitchen and both bathrooms, for the floors and the counter tops. They were the brick sized tiles a sort of off-white, not a pure white, but I loved that part of the house and we had to leave the area and we are trying to put this new house in much the same condition. But if Avaire isn't recommended for wet areas, I am wondering if perhaps the tiles could be installed with regular grout?
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