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Author: Jonathan
Date: 2/23/2008 9:13 pm EDT
When we say Avaire is not recommended for wet areas, we're really talking about the inside of a shower pan where there is significant water presence. Incidental moisture like a bathroom floor, or a countertop is acceptable.

Avaire would be fine on a counter top! You'll want to make sure you use a quality caulk around the sink perimeter (between the tile and the underlying countertop base, before you place the sink). It'd probably be a good idea to use a general purpose adhesive around the perimeter (under the tile) to ensure the countertop stays put. Be careful for the first 7 days to not expose the Avaire Flexible Grout to excessive water.

We did a tile countertop that matched our floor about 5 years ago - we love it (this was before Avaire).
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