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Default floor movement

Author: Sherrie
Date: 2/27/2008 1:57 am EDT
Hello and thank you for your attention,

My husband is installing this tile in our kitchen/dinning room and I wanted the heated floor padding installed in the kitchen. Today the install has started and he is over half way finished with the dining room and the kitchen part is covered in tile. Sure goes in fast! anyway, I went in the kitchen to get a drink of water and noticed that as i walked across the floor, the floor felt squishy and moved up and down a little bit as i walked across it. I asked my husband if it should do that and he said its because there's no stuff between the tiles yet and that the heater padding was causing the squishy feeling. I read on the paper that was stuck on the back of the tile that warned there can be no movement with the tile, I really don't want to make my husband mad because he worked all day putting the pieces together and has put down over 30 boxes of tile so far, but isn't he wrong? the floor underneath is concrete so i agree that the heater padding is causing the "give" in the floor but this is bad isn't it? what really scares me is that the guy at the place we bought the tile from told us to use that plastic underlayment stuff they use for laminate floors to help fill in any gaps so my husband bought enough rolls to lay completely under the dinning room floor so the height would be the same as the kitchen since there is no stopping point between the two rooms. (only kitchen has heat which is QuiteWarmth and we used the called for stuff to fill gaps there)
Is this disaster in the making?

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