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Date: 3/10/2008 9:16 pm EDT
No comparison what-so-ever with one exception. They are both what is known as "floating floors".

The Avaire is a thicker than average quality porcelain ceramic tile with an absorption rate of less than .05%.

Porcelain tile is very difficult to scratch if it can be scratched at all. Porcelain tile has a wear rating that is exponentially greater than any laminate flooring surface that has a micro-thin coating of aluminum oxide for a wear surface. The co-efficient of friction is greater than laminate flooring and thereby offers a greater slip resistance. Porcelain tile will not dent from impact and can easily be cleaned with water without fear of getting moisture into the junctures between the units. Avaire has a solid sound when walked on unlike the hollow sound you get when walking on laminate floors.

Porcelain is the real thing whereas laminate flooring is merely a photographic process depicting various surface designs.
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