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Author: Jonathan
Date: 3/14/2008 9:25 am EDT
First, thank you for purchasing Avaire! Second, we sincerely want our customers to have a delightful experience with our product - providing support to our customers through the phone or through this forum can help them be successful with their installation.

We've seen a number of jobs much larger than 400 sf, but that is a good sized floor! We have Avaire in our offices - about 1100 sf.

Regarding your grouting question, you can either wait until the entire floor is installed before grouting, or install and grout sections at a time. However, given a choice, I would recommend installing the entire floor first and then grouting because you might find that part-way through the install, you want to change the orientation. If you've already grouted part of the floor, it makes disassembly more difficult. If you haven't grouted, you simply dis-assemble and reconfigure.

If you wait a while before grouting, double check a few items before you grout:
1) Make sure the "fine alignment" is still good. You might need to realign some of the groutlines.
2) Debris can accumulate quickly in the unfilled groutlines. Please clean thoroughly before grouting.
3) Ensure that none of the tiles decoupled. While not expected, if you were to go several weeks between install and grout (and you can), it is possible with ordinary usage to "catch an edge" and decouple some tiles. Once the floor is grouted, both the alignment and coupling is locked in place and no longer an issue.

You can still grout in sections. Perhaps save the high-traffic area for a time when you can minimize usage for day or two.

Please send us pictures when you're done!
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