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Author: Jonathan
Date: 3/23/2008 6:07 pm EDT
There are several options for finishing to the edge of your stairway.

1) Use a wooden stair nose for the edge, and fill Avaire to the backside of the stair nose.

2) Bring the Avaire right to the edge, but install an end-cap to protect the edge.

With the stairnose, use grout or a color matched caulk between the tile edge and the backside of the stairnose.

In both cases, if there is a full tile at the edge, trim off the interlocking tabs.

If the edge of the tile is not covered with an end-cap or a transition, you might want to glue down the edge of the Avaire with a construction adhesive to ensure the edge stays down.

There are probably other creative ways to finish the edges. Even with traditional tile, you typically need to protect the edge.

If you wish, I can find some pictures of how others have finished the top of a stair case (I know I have at least one). Send me an email at and I'll send you a photo.
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