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Author: Matt Lessman
Date: 3/12/2007 9:34 pm EDT
Snap-In grout is an innovative product designed to simply “snap” into place between the grout lines of the Avaire system. We are currently analyzing the product through a testing group (including 10 participants), and are targeting August 2007 for release.

Snap-In grout comes in long strips (6.3 ft) and short strips (11.75 inches). It is installed by first snapping the long strips in one direction. Once the longer strips are installed, the pre-cut shorter strips are snapped between the longer strips in a perpendicular manner. This process is considerably faster and cleaner than using traditional cement-based grouting methods.

While Snap-In grout is designed to withstand residential traffic, incidental spills and typical household abuse, it is not ideal for every application. We recommend using our Flexible Grout when installing Avaire tile in higher moisture areas like bathrooms.

Look for more information on the website in the coming months.
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