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Author: Jonathan
Date: 4/27/2008 10:46 am EDT
It is somewhat difficult to say without seeing the floor first-hand, but based on your description, I'd say there is a slight "dip" starting somewhere 12-24" from the edge. If you place an individual tile there, you may not notice any rocking, but when interconnected, the tiles will generally stay in the same "plane". It would be worth "unzipping" the floor and checking flatness with a long straight-edge. Unsnapping is relatively easy: use the thin end of a pry bar being very careful to protect the tile with a soft material and give it a slight twist - it should disconnect the tiles. With your straight-edge, if you find the floor "dips down" where you detected the "downward motion" you should fill that area with a cement based self-leveling compound.

A final note: as Avaire is a floating floor system, there can be some slight detectable movement, but it should not be as severe as you've described.

Please let us know if this helps.

Thank your for purchasing Avaire tile.
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