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Default RE: carpet transition

Author: Jonathan
Date: 3/16/2007 10:58 pm EDT
Thank you for your comments.

We have looked around extensively on the web for comments on Avaire. Most - if not all of the comments - are from people who have confused Avaire with Edge. Edge definitely had some issues during their launch in 2004 - I believe they would readily acknowledge this fact. However, we understand they have done much to improve their product since their launch. We certainly wish them the best of luck. There remain significant differences between Edge and Avaire, and, as you might expect, we believe Avaire is superior.

There was an early prototype version of Avaire available in 2004 that saw very limited distribution. But that version was discountinued in early 2005, completely re-engineered, and brought back to market in the middle of 2006 after extensive field testing in early 2006. While the original prototype Avaire was a decent product, significant improvements were made between 2004 and 2006.

We have sold tens of thousands of square feet of Avaire since July, 2006, and we do not have a single complaint of broken tile (or frankly any other customer complaints). Our customers love Avaire. Not to say we will never have a complaint - that would be unrealistic.

Regarding your question on the warranty - as you know, there is NO warranty on traditional tile. If it cracks, you must replace it. The fact is, if you drop something heavy on either traditional tile or Avaire, there is a reasonable probabiity it will break (it will be much easier to replace the Avaire tile using the replacement process - the entire tray/tile assmembly is replaced, not just the tile portion). The 10 year warranty is to assure our customers that the tray and the adhesive between the tray and the tile are designed to last. Also, the tile we use is a minimum of 9.0 mm thick. As you may know, a tile's structural strength increases more than linearly with thickness. It is significantly stronger than the nominal 7.5 mm thick tile found at most retailers.

Shoot me an email and I will send you a video clip of the Robinson Test showing a Avaire floor being abused by 900 pounds of rolling weight. While it is a lab test, it should give you better confidence in the system. It really does work!!
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