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Default Make sure tile matches

Author: Kim
Date: 6/4/2008 1:37 pm EDT
Just wanted to point out one thing when installing the Avaire tile. I know the instructions say to check the tiles before you lay them for color and shading, but also check the thickness. We purchased 5 packs thinking it would be enough to cover our bathroom remodel. We forgot to include the closet and I had to return to Menards for a subsequent purchase. After installing the tiles and cutting and such, our floor was not level. We had two different tiles! The first batch/lot had dark edges and the second batch/lot had white edges and was also 1/4" thinner than the first. This made for one mad hubby, but after careful disassembly and recutting, the floor is now level. The closet, however, is 1/4" lower than the bathroom, but no one will notice.
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