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Default Wheelchair proof

Author: Nancy Lines
Date: 7/5/2008 8:24 pm EDT
My husband is in a manual wheelchair with combined weight of around 300 lbs. We have a 5 year old house with commercial vinyl composition tile in the kitchen and bathroom. The tile was glued to a wood subfloor over 16 inch joists. It is cracking from the small front wheels of his wheelchair especially where he rolls under the counter and lav. We've already had some tile replaced, now we're considering having the tile completely removed and using something else. Will avaire tile have similar problems, we realize the small wheels when he turns and pivots puts a lot of pressure on a small area. We have wood laminate in the rest of the house, and it seems to be holding up great. I also don't want to have a height difference between flooring because it want him to be able to roll freely across the house.
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