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Author: Nancy Lines
Date: 7/6/2008 3:11 pm EDT
Thank you for the reply! We enter from the garage directly into a utility room, that leads into the kitche. Both the utility room and kitchen have the tile, however the utility room has a floor drain at the side of the washer. I read where you couldn't use avaire tile with a floor drain, so we would have to leave the tile in the utility room. Going through the utility room into the kitchen is through a normal 36" doorway w/door. Leaving the kitchen into the rest of the house (where the laminate flooring is) is a wide opening between cabinets and a hall wall, the opening is at an angle 76" long. The bedroom into the bath is again a 36" door way, with another doorway into the closet from the bath. I really would have liked the avaire tile to go in the utility room also, that would take care of one transition, but I don't know how we would work around the floor drain. Thanks for any ideas.
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