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Author: The Avaire Team
Date: 7/9/2008 1:06 pm EDT
Journeyman makes some excellent points.

While Avaire tile is vigorously tested with up to 900 pounds of dynamic weight, it sounds like your subfloor might have issues. The key requirements for a successful Avaire tile installation are flatness and structural strength. If there are "hills" and "valleys" in the subfloor (not flat enough), or loose subfloor components, or excessive deflection, there could be problems.

An Avaire floor installed over a subfloor which meets the flatness and structural requirements will handle a 300 pound wheel chair.

It is difficult to assess your situation precisely without having answers to all the questions Journeyman asks. And even then, there could be weak points in the subfloor that would cause a problem.

While we are always eager to have customers install Avaire tile, it is even more important that they love their results. In your case, with the type of failures you've already seen with the vinyl flooring, you might experience issues with Avaire (or traditional tile for that matter) with the subfloor in its current condition. To be safe, even though there is a good chance Avaire tile would perform well, I'd recommend having a professional evaluate your subfloor. We'd be happy to colloborate with you and/or your contractor to make the best possible decision.

You may reach us at 402-505-7627.

Thank you for considering Avaire tile!
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