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Author: The Avaire Team
Date: 8/15/2008 8:36 pm EDT
We do not recommend using Avaire tile on steps. There are too many variations of stair configurations to handle every permutation in our instructions.

Having said that, we have seen multiple successful examples where Avaire tile was installed on steps.

If you do install it on steps, be sure to use a good construction adhesive like PL400. You will also want to install either a stair nose or an end-cap to protect the front edge.

Regarding sample packs, you can order a sample pack on-line. Go to From there, you can select a package of 5 of the lighter colors or 5 of the darker colors (in the 12x12 versions). We can look at offering a package in the 6x6 size too. The potential problem with the 6x6 samples is that some designs have broad variation that may not be fully represented on the smaller sample. Good idea though!

Send us a picture of the finished room!
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