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Author: woody
Date: 7/30/2008 6:54 pm EDT
I would like to use Avaire tile on my outdoor deck which is above our patio. I was planning on using a EPDM rubber membrane attatched to the plywood deck then installing the tile over that. The deck has a slope of approx. 1/4" per foot with 3/4" plywood on 11 7/8" silent floor joists 19.2" o/c. I live in Alberta Canada where the temperature can go from -30F to +95F. Your test results give me confidence in the freeze thaw aspect and I believe the EPDM will prevent any rotting of the deck, I was wondering what might happen with the grouting and or possible moisture build up under the tile from snow melting and then freezing again several times during the fall and spring seasons. Thanks for any input.
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