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Author: the Avaire team
Date: 8/9/2008 7:24 pm EDT
We recommend pulling the toilet and installing the Avaire around the flange. Leave at least a 1/4" gap around the flange. Make sure you completely fill the gap between the Avaire and the flange with a quality silicon sealer/caulk. You won't want to have the flange in the middle of a tile - thats hard to cut. Better to slit to flange across a couple of tiles.

There are several methods for cutting the curved cut. Easiest is using an angle grinder with a diamond blade designed to cut a porcelain tile. Please note - don't try to cut through the entire thickenss of the tile in a single pass. Instead, mark the cut, and then draw the blade across the cut multiple times taking a few 100's each bite. Or, you can make a series of line cuts from the edge to the desired cut line (think a comb). You can then break the individual "teeth". Since the edge of the cut will be hidden under the toilet, it need not be perfect.

Make sure to use a wax ring and/or extender that will compensate for the additional height when you replace the toilet (always use a new wax ring).

As far as tightness, you want to have the toilet firmly mounted. Of course, over-tightening can break either the toilet rim or the tile. Sorry, but I can't really give you a "pounds" figure.
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