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Author: The Avaire Team
Date: 9/1/2008 9:05 pm EDT
Great question!

When snapping a tile into a "corner" of tabs, there are several methods that work well.

1) Place the tile as close as possible to the final position, and then tap the opposite corner of the tile with a rubber mallet (basically, you tap the corner at a 45 degree angle, diagonally). It will seat nicely. It helps to stand on the two staionary tiles.
2) You can use a tapping block and mallet to "dance" the tile into position. It is easier to go back and forth rather than overcome the friction of all 16 tabs at once.
3) After some practice, you can "dance" the tile into the corner by hand. Be careful and wear gloves - the tabs can be sharp!

With a little practice, you'll master the corner install in short order!

If the fit is a bit tight, you can use some dish soap and a basting brush to moisten the tabs.

We'll add a video of both techniques to the website.
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