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Default What an AWESOME product!!!

Author: Evan
Date: 6/11/2007 5:57 pm EDT
I just got done laying 2 floors in my mother-in-laws home. I laid a bathroom and a kithchen. I laid the bathroom in traditional straight lines. I laid the kithen in what I call a "basket weave" or offset pattern. I am your normal do-it-yourselfer and man was this simple!!! I cut and laid down the tile in one day. I came back the next day and grouted them both in 1-1/2 hours. I have laid several tile floors in the past and NEVER has it been this easy. Minimal mess, straight lines, easy to lay, cut and adjust to fit. The easiest grout job I have ever encountered. I only had to wipe the grout once or twice to clean up, not the 4-5 times with traditional tile. Cutting the tile was great too. I am used to the corners breaking off the tile toward the end of the cut, the plastic tray held the tile together so to speak, so that the tile did not break at the corners of the cut. Therfore, my cuts were much straighter with no chipped corners. I have already recommended this product to many people and will continue to do so!!! I will definately install Avaire in my home soon. Great product!!
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