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Author: Chris
Date: 9/16/2008 11:25 pm EDT
Yes the tile only flex's when you put full weight on one side of the tile. And like I say it is maybe 2/16th's of movement. Full weight being 200 lbs of pressure wearing shoes. When you do it without shoes on you can hardly tell. What is light pressure pressing on the tile with a couple of fingers? If that is the case no it does not move. If it is only the grout that may not hold up as long I can live with that. Grouting can be fixed. I am about 200 square feet into the project and still not finished. I am hesitant to rip all the tile apart for that little bit of movement. Maybe it is just the fact that I have been on traditional tile floors and not used to the bit of flexing that you will fell on this stuff. I assume the flexing will be less once the grouting is in.

How much movement do you see in that Robinson test? and how long is it run for before you see any damage?
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