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Author: Jonathan
Date: 9/27/2008 10:52 am EDT
Our warranty and instructions require Avaire tile to be installed in indoor areas where the temperature does not fall below freezing. However, we have recently completed a round of intensive testing where we exposed Avaire test floors to extreme temperature cycling (-12F to +85F), as well as prolonged exposure to -12F. We have also had a number of test "3 season porch" installed for nearly two years. So far, we have not seen evidence of problems as a result of low temperature exposure.

While we don't anticipate any issues with exposure to low temperatures (each component is engineered to handle low temps), we would like to collect additional lab and field data before we give the "all clear" for outdoor applications. We also need to develop more specific guidelines for what constitutes a suitable outdoor application: For example, someone might want install Avaire tile on an outdoor patio in northern MN which is submerged in ice/snow for 4-5 months per year.

For those who want to try a covered/protected porch application, you definitely want to install the product while the weather is warm - the grout should be cured for 7 days before being exposed to freezing temperatures (again, based on our current instructions and warranty, Avaire tile should officially be used only in indoor applications where the temps are controlled).

Is your porch protected from rain and snow? While neither would necessarily damage Avaire tile, you want to make sure moisture doesn't get between the tile and the subfloor as you could develop mold/mildew issues (as you could with any other flooring surface).

Again, I do not anticipate any problems with your application. Please let me know if you observe any issues by sending me email at

Thank you for buying Avaire tile!
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