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Author: Chris
Date: 10/21/2008 10:11 pm EDT
Krista, Jonathan is correct. At times construction isn't as square as we would think it would be and some times things don't go together as well as it shows in videos.

I've installed quite a bit of Avaire tile and have a few jobs that were a little more work to assemble than others but here's a few tips that might help you.

When assembling tiles that are taking a little more effort first I ensure the floor is flat within tolerance, if not the tabs may not align properly, then I use a rubber mallet and a tapping block so I can safely give it a little more of a tap,also what works to avoid the rows from shifting around is to make sure you have it braced against a wall or if you're assembling a section in the middle of the romm , drop in a few 1/4" tile spacers in the joints and this will help lock the rows together untill you have a larger area assembled and then it won't be a problem.

Once you get going you will be fine but if you think you're "still doing something wrong" let me know because chances are I've done the same think wrong already.
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