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Author: Krista
Date: 10/21/2008 11:31 pm EDT
Thanks for the info. It is getting a little easier and some have actually snapped in. I did figure out I need to keep checking to make sure they stay aligned and once I got that it has been alot easier.

I ended up backing the tile up and starting in the center of the room,rather than along the cabinet, to help fix the "not square" issue. The difference from one cabinet to the next on either side of the gap for my stove is 3/4 of an inch! So by cutting each tile I can address the difference in size and it shouldnt be overly noticeable since the cabinets have a slight overhang and I will also be using a rubber kickboard. I guess my biggest obstacle is getting over the "illusion" of it not being straight, when I know it really is and that the cabinets make it appear that way. No one other than me will probably notice anyway!

Thanks again! It really is looking good! I'm excited to get it done! The room in 12 x 14 so its a project!
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