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Date: 12/3/2008 1:06 pm EDT
Shawn I don't know what the Avaire "Company Line" will be on this query but I can tell you that even though the tiles may be rectified they can still have a slight variance in their size. This condition is typical with all tile.

In addition the manufacturing of the trays will have a slight variance. Then along comes the joining of the tiles to the trays and yet another slight variance can occur. Even though tolerances in manufacturing vary, no matter how precise one tries to make a product of this nature some variances will occur. Combine an opportunity at multiple variances and you have a slightly imperfect finished product. Those imperfections are considered by many to be "The Beauty of the Tiles". Once the grout is installed the variances will blend and be even less conspicuous.

Just a two cent reply to a common question.
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