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Default Installing Avaire around toilet bowl

Author: Rey
Date: 9/11/2007 12:22 am EDT
First of all, I saw your product in our local home depot here in Edmonton, Alberta while window shopping for a tiles for my upcoming bathroom flooring upgrading project. I've browsed your website and found your email.
I have a 5 years old home with bathrooms with vinyl flooring. I want to do a makeover of all my bathroom flooring and think that your avaire tiles is the answer for my renovation. But I have two questions to ask from you first before I begin,
1.) Avaire tiles are floating tiles, what should I do with my existing toilet bowl, do I have to remove it and install on top of the avaire tiles or should I install avaire tiles around without removing the existing toilet bowl?
2.) What should I do with the edge that transition to a bathtub? Does your flexible grout sticks to a fiberglass bathtubs?
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