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Author: Erin
Date: 5/28/2009 2:48 pm EDT
Thanks for all the advice! I called around to find out exactly what my options were for disposing of the tile. I carefully took up the old tile last week and disposed of it properly. I decided not to mess with removing the adhesive so I encapsulated it with polyurethane. I measured the floor and it seems to be flat on the x plane but dips about 1/4" in 3 feet near a doorway on the y plane. Also there is ~1/8" variations scattered around other areas. Does this dip require a leveling compound? I'd hate to have to get a huge bag of leveler for a small 2' X 3' area, but I will if I have to. Would a picture help? I'd like to finish this job by the end of this weekend if possible. Thanks again!

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