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Default Re-grouting

Author: Krista
Date: 6/8/2009 8:47 pm EDT
First I want to say that I just love my floor! I installed it myself in November 08 and have had so many comments about it~ Even the people who installed our new carpet that butts up to it were impressed.

But-I do not like the grout color! I used what was available in the store(I didnt want to mess with special ordering) , which was antique white, and it gets so dirty and shows everything. We have 3 kids, a dog and two cats so it sees plenty of traffic and I cant get the grout clean in some places. I would love to re-grout it with a darker color. Is this possible to do and if so, would I have to dig all of the old grout out or just down far enough to fill it in so it covers?
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