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Author: Dan
Date: 9/24/2008 6:45 pm EDT
Can avaire tile be installed over a floor that has tile on it already.If the surface has to be flat what do you do with the grout lines.The directions say that it can be installed over.But then the surface is not flat.Please inform me what has to be done. Thank you Dan

Paul wrote:
I have read quite a few times where you shouldn't install a vanity on top of avaire tile since it's a floating floor system.

However, I was browsing this board and back in June or July there is a thread where the avaire team said it's ok to do so.

Basically, I guess I have seen conflicting opinions from Avaire on this subject, and would like to confirm Avaire's position.

I will be installing a new vanity that happens to have a "decorative" front where it meets the floor, and I envision this being quite the pain to snap the tiles together and get it under this decorative peice. If I'm able to install the tile first this would make my life easier, I'm sure.

Thank you very much,

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