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Default Re: Installation Question

Author: Jonathan
Date: 3/5/2007 11:18 am EDT
When you reach the edge, whether a wall or the transition to a different room, you simply cut the Avaire tile with a wet saw. Since there aren't any more tiles to connect, the coupling tabs are not needed at the walls or transitions. At the wall, you'll need to leave about 1/4" of space to allow room for the tabs to connect. This can be covered with a quarter-round or other trim (or, as I did in my bathroom, I just grouted right to the baseboard and left it open).

Your local home center will have a variety of trims and transitions that will work with Avaire - depending upon the relative heights of the two floors you are connecting. Choose a transition that can accommodate the 14.75 mm height (a little less than 5/8") of Avaire tile.
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