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Author: Jonathan
Date: 2/27/2008 7:36 am EDT

Thanks for taking time to research Avaire. We are confident that our product will perform very well when installed properly. In fact, as I write those words, that may be the key difference between Avaire and Product X. Product X had problems even when installed exactly according to instructions.

As with any product, if the basic "system rules" are not followed, there can and will be problems. We investigated one job with reports of cracked grout. We found they had not bothered to snap the tiles together - just grouted the gap between uncoupled tiles.....

I definitely suggest reading the instructions thoroughly before starting. It *is* different from traditional tile. In fact, one thing I've observed is the people who have the most experience with traditional tile tend to struggle the most up-front because they don't read the instructions assuming they already "know" how to install tile. The first time or semi-novice folks tend to "know they don't know" and read the instructions....

The grout phase in particular seems to "get" experienced grouters. It is really important, and will save you hours of effort later, to CLEAN AS YOU GO. Don't do the entire floor and then wipe it down (you can, but just be prepared to work 5 times as much). Grout about 5-10 minutes worth, and then clean that area.

Good luck with your floor and thanks for considering Avaire. Send us a picture when you are done.
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