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Default Installing on top of hardwood

Author: Erin
Date: 4/13/2009 3:40 pm EDT
I was wondering if there was any other way to install avaire tile over uneven hardwood floors without using leveler? I was told that I could lay down plywood, hardboard, osb, etc first. My question is if 1/8 to 3-16" hardboard would be enough. My old tile is the 9" tile from like the 40's with either asphalt type or asbestos type adhesive. I am removing the tile to keep the cracking/sticking sound from occuring under the new tile. Many of the old tiles are loose and seperated from the hardwoods causing the sticky sound when walked on. I wasn't sure if I needed to seal the remaining adhesive or not. I don't want to use leveler directly on top of the hardwoods in case I want to sand them down the road, unless there is another way... I believe there are a couple spots that may need leveler on top of the board that I may lay down. There is a 1/2" grade a few feet from a doorway. the rest of the floor is right on the edge of being level enough. like 1/8 - 3/16" variations. I'm not sure how much of this is the tile and how much is the hardwods underneath. I would really like to save the hardwoods underneath in case I wanted them later! I am also concerned that using too thick a board under the avaire tile will cause the transition to the other hardwoods of the house to be too high. Removing the old tile would leave me at 9/16" for the avaire + 3/16"? for underlayment ? for a total of 3/4" to work with.. Is that reasonable? Any help would be appreciated.
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