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Default Other applications for Avaire flooring

Author: Rod
Date: 2/12/2009 12:43 am EDT
I was wondering if anyone has tried other applications and patterns for this product..

I am about to start a renovation project in the Laundry Room/Pantry and one of the thoughts was to build a cabinet to enclose our front load washer and dryer. This would leave me with a counter top of approximately 36" deep.

My questions are 1) would Avaire tile be an appropriate material to use for this purpose??, 2) is there any edging product to compliment the tile for the face of the counter??

I am propably going to build my own cabinets, so I am not against fabricating a wooden bullnose piece...but, if this works out, I may want to replicate this idea when we get to the kitchen.

thanks in advance...

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Author: Chris
Date: 2/13/2009 10:10 am EDT
If you cover the top of the washer/ dryer cabinet you should adhere the tiles to the top due to the high speed and potential vibration of the front loading washers. I have had good luck just using a quality construction adhesive similar to PL Premium it's available at most home centers.
You could make a wood nosing to transition the edge of the counter top or you could use a pre made wood or laminate stairnose for the edge. I don't know where you purchaced the tile butI know Menards has an overlapping stairnose that works perfect for the edge. I also think Avaire is going to have a line of transition profiles available soon.
Hope this helps.
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