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Default Subfloor?

Ok, I have a bit of a subfloor issue and I'm hoping that Avaire is the solution to my problem. I have a bathroom (80" x 58" less a vanity that is 48" x 21") that I need to find a floor for (would like to avoid vinyl or laminates). The joists are sistered 2"x12" that are spaced at 48" on center. Subfloor is a pier and beam system with piers spaced at 8'. The actual subfloor is tongue and groove 2"x4" with 5/8" partial board over that. I know that the construction does not meet the requirements for your floor , but I'm hoping that in such a small space I might be able to use the Avaire and get away with it.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Default Subfloor

Not your typical subfloor! I dont know of any hardsurface floors that would approve an installation over joists 48" on center. You will have better luck installing a floor thats floating rather than one thats fastened to the floor. When you walk on the floor can you tell if there's movement? If there isn't any movement, and it's a small space, you might not have any problems. Make sure the floor is flat, and you maintain your perimeter gaps I don't know why it wouldn't work. Jump up and down on the floor and see how much the floor moves. If it doesn't move then you'll be fine.
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